Why all this travel you ask? I think I just need to find a new city to fall in love with & eyes to get lost in.

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SINGAPORE: Visiting 9th - 16th August

AUSTRALIA: December 2018 - Please email for exact dates

If you've had enough time to peruse my website, then by now you should know that in my civilian life, I am a filmmaker, & well lately I've been feeling restless. I'm in the middle of writing a feature length film (Not related to my life as Skylar) I've been screenwriting since I was an early teen and I started directing and self-funding short films from about eighteen,  so a film based on my life as Skylar would honestly be a little too cliche in my opinion. 

Not to sound egotistical, but I think my creative prowess stretches far beyond writing about my part-time lifestyle, as exciting and beautiful as it is, some things are better left un-said, or in this case un-written ;)

I've been yearning for a new and different environment to write in & I think an adventure will set my mind a-blaze and get my creative juices flowing, which is why, I've decided to step outside of my office, and set up shop in several cities screenwriting my way through Summer.

I've always wanted to travel and I never really got a chance to do so. That changes this summer, I am open to cerebral & lascivious encounters with like minded individuals, get in-touch if you'd like our worlds to collide. 

 Please refer to my UK RATES page if you are planning to book a meeting with me in the UK.