New York City



I'm pleased to see you've made it this far, please see below a list of my current rates, do note these rates are for bookings taking place in the USA and they do not apply for dates in the UK, please refer to my UK RATES page if you are planning to book a meeting with me in the UK.

I will be in New York, Manhattan to be specificfrom the 25th January - 5th February, this is a personal trip but I have set aside a limited amount of time, to meet with a select few aesthete & lascivious individuals looking to engage in lust filled cerebral moments.


I have a lovely in-call location in a very upscale area in Manhattan, for discretionary reasons I cannot share this information online, but do get in touch to make a booking and once you have been  screened, I will happily give you directions to my luxury abode. I'm also more than happy to outcall to you.


My rates for hardcore submissive bookings, are bespoke as the requirements & needs of each client is unique thus making it difficult to create a blanket price for my services, please view the listed rates as a guide but not a rule, please email me at to discuss my rates further.


Skylar Parkar

A frozen moment in time, in which the only thing that exists is you and I, there is nothing I love more than an electric moment, finding another soul to connect deeply with if only for a little while.


One Hour - $400

90 Minutes - $500

Two Hours - $600

Three Hours -  $800



skylar parkar

Dinner and alone time, isn't just dinner and alone time, it can consist of a trip to the theatre, cinema, opera, or whatever your heart desires, alone time however is just that, you and me breathing each other in, connecting on more than just a visual but visceral level, our date can also just be alone time if you'd prefer that, do not hesitate to ask, whilst I enjoy dinner I've always been a desert kind of girl.


Four Hours -  $1000

Five Hours - $1300

Six Hours - $1400




Lets take our time to get to know and then absorb each other with reckless abandon, what I enjoy most about these dates is we get to devour each other over & over again,  you will have my full attention and be my only concern, come and hide secrets in my skin. 


Overnight - 12 hour date - $2500

24- hour date - $4000

48- hour date - $6000