Self Portraits

Photography is a big part of my life,  all three albums of pictures were taken by me using the self timer on my professional camera, they are un-retouched and only colour corrected & I edited my face out of some of them, for privacy reasons. I've included some information about what inspired  each shoot just to give you some insight. This is a very honest depiction of me, until we meet x

Water Nymph


September 2017

This was shot at a beautiful lake-house in the english countryside, my only aid was the natural sunlight, which is why the pictures may appear a little more moodier than my other shoots but I love the contrast, I also love the idea of a lust filled weekend at a beautiful and secluded property, having nothing but each other & the elements for company.

Endless Summer


June 2017

It's no secret that summer is by far my favourite season, I love the idea of early morning hikes and secret trysts on secluded hilltops in the middle of paradise, and that is what inspired this shoot, the sun light was so beautiful and freeing all I needed was my tripod, lens & my camera to capture it all. 

Black & White


April 2017

This shoot is an ode to a phrase that I use far to often "lets go back to bed" because why not? ha, the art we could create during our lust filled activities is something that wholly consumes me.  Nothing is more beautiful than two lovers using only their bodies to write love letter, inking poetry deep into each others skin, & with most good things, I never want it to end, hence the phrase "lets go back to bed" .