London & Beyond



I'm pleased to see you've made it this far, please note these rates are for dates that take place in the United Kingdom, I will be visiting New York City from 25th January - 5th February 2018,  please refer to my USA RATES  page for accurate rate and booking information.

PS. Don't worry my UK dwelling lover's, I'll be back on the 6th February 2018 x


 I do not have a permanent in-call facility so I need at least 48-hours notice for these appointments, so that I can secure a location, which is always in a 5 star hotel or a private apartment in central London.

 I also have a three-hour minimum requirement for all in-call bookings and I ask that you email me to make the request as I will need to take a small deposit deductible from the rate you pay, so that I can book the location, the payment request is made via google wallet, which only requires your email address, this is why I do not entertain in-call booking requests via text message or phone-call, so please adhere to this to avoid disappointment.


My rates for hardcore submissive bookings, are bespoke as the requirements & needs of each client is unique thus making it difficult to create a blanket price for my services, please view the listed rates as a guide but not a rule, please email me at to discuss my rates further. 




Skylar Parkar

A frozen moment in time, in which the only thing that exists is you and I, there is nothing I love more than an electric moment, finding another soul to connect deeply with if only for a little while.


One Hour - Pounds - £250 / Euros  €300 / Dollars  $350

90 Minutes - Pounds - £300 / Euros  €350 / Dollars  $400

Two Hours - Pounds - £400 / Euros €450 / Dollars  $550

Three Hours -  Pounds  £500 / Euros  €570 / Dollars  $670



skylar parkar

Dinner and alone time, isn't just dinner and alone time, it can consist of a trip to the theatre, cinema, opera, or whatever your heart desires, alone time however is just that, you and me breathing each other in, connecting on more than just a visual but visceral level, our date can also just be alone time if you'd prefer that, do not hesitate to ask, whilst I enjoy dinner I've always been a desert kind of girl.


Four Hours -  Pounds  £700 / Euros  €800 / Dollars$1000

Five Hours - Pounds  £800 / Euros  €1000 / Dollars  $1150

Six Hours - Pounds  £900 / Euros  €1000 / Dollars  $1200




Lets take our time to get to know and then absorb each other with reckless abandon, what I enjoy most about these dates is we get to devour each other over & over again,  you will have my full attention and be my only concern, come and hide secrets in my skin. 


Overnight Date 12 hour date -  Pounds£1500 / Euros €1700 / dollars $2000

24- hour date - Pounds  £2500 / Euros  €2800 / Dollars  $3200

48- hour date Pounds  £4500 / Euros  €5200 / Dollars5800


Dates Outside of London & International Bookings

If you would like to meet me, but live outside of London, fear not I am very accommodating and I would love to meet you, please note, I require these bookings to be a minimum of three hours, and I also require my travel to you i.e train fare to also be covered. 

I love to travel and I am always flattered when I receive a request for a date abroad, due to the unique nature of these requests, I ask that you email me to discuss further.


I value my time as well as yours to avoid delay please hand me your gift in an envelope, as soon as our date begins so that the fun can commence.  If this does not happen within the first five minutes of our date, I will terminate the meeting immediately, please adhere to these rules to avoid disappointment.

 All rates are final and non negotiable, please do not enquire for a discount that's just bad manners, I only date charming well mannered gentlemen. If you would like a longer date please do not hesitate to contact me,  I'm more than happy to discuss options. 

Please fill out my bookings form once you have decided on the length of our date.