Please see below a list of questions I am frequently asked, if you have a question that is not listed below, feel free to email me at x

Do you offer in-call appointments in London? - yes I do, but it is important to note, that I do not have a permanent in-call & I lead a full and busy life as a young independent filmmaker, I’m usually either writing, editing or shooting a new project , which makes my “Skylar” work a delightful escape, but it is for this reason that I need at least 72 hours notice for these appointments so that I can adjust my schedule and secure a location.

Which is always in a 5 star hotel or a private apartment in central London, I also have a two-hour minimum requirement for all in-call bookings and I ask that you email me to make the request as I will need to take a small deposit deductible from the rate you pay, so that I can book the location, the payment request is made via google wallet, or another discreet method if you are not based in the UK or USA and cant use google wallet, please note I do not entertain in-call booking requests via text message or phone-call, so please adhere to this to avoid disappointment.

PS I live in the heart of central London so an outcall date request is much easier to accommodate at short notice ;)

I’d love to meet you but I rarely travel to London do you accept international booking request - Yes of course I do, I view international booking request’s as one of highest compliment’s a paramour can give. I’m always touched when I receive these enquiries, please review my Fly Me To You page for my rates and information regarding bookings of this nature.

Why did you decide to become a companion? -   I entered this world, because I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of intimacy , I love the idea of bringing pleasure and satisfaction to others, I think there is something very beautiful and visceral about having passionate and erotic moments with a complete stranger, the first time I ventured into this world I was hooked, now it is my naughty part-time pleasure.

Do you meet couples? - Yes of course, I'm always very touched and grateful when a couple books me, I wrote a detailed blog post HERE

Do you have any friends that could join us? - I most certainly do, I love the idea of adding more partners to our tryst, please feel free to peruse my LOVERS page for potential play partners.  

Tell me more about the experiences on offer - I offer an elite luxury GFE experience and I am also a professional submissive, whilst these two experiences may seem worlds apart, I happen to love and adore them individually, I discuss more about this on my CARNAL INSIGHT  page feel free to peruse it to get a better understanding of me, and my lustful desire for both of these experiences, if you are still not sure, please do not hesitate to email me, I am more than happy to give you more information should you require it. 

I'd like to book  a submissive session, what is the best way to go about this? - I'd love that, the best practice would be to send me an email, whilst I do advertise a mobile number, I'd prefer to receive a detailed email initially. Your wants and needs are very unique and they mean the world to me, I want to ensure that I give the best experience possible, a detailed email is the best first step, I also have a page with a little more information on this feel free to PERUSE it. 

May I see a picture of your face? - Whilst I totally understand your curiosity, my  privacy is extremely important to me, I have a very full on career outside of this and I would prefer to keep my two worlds separate.

How do you maintain good sexual health? -  My health is of the utmost importance, I use condoms for all sexual activities, including oral, I go for sexual health screenings every fortnight, I would highly recommend you do the same if you are regularly meeting companions, as it gives good peace of mind.

May I use you as a reference? - Yes of course, I would be delighted to be your reference, please send me an email in advance so I know to expect the request, you can trust that I will reply promptly. 

I have never met an escort before, will this be a problem? - No not at all, I'm honoured that you chose me as your first, email me at to discuss further.