skylar parkar

Any Questions?

Please see below a list of questions I am frequently asked, if you have a question that is not listed below, feel free to email me at x

Why did you decide to become a companion? -   I entered this world, because I have always been fascinated by sex & bringing pleasure and satisfaction to others, I think there is something very beautiful and visceral about having passionate and erotic moments with complete stranger, the first time I ventured into this world I was hooked, now it is my naughty pleasure.

Do you have a mobile number I can call you on? - Yes I do, If you'd like a last minute same day appointment,  feel free to text the location, length and time of appointment, to 07379417613, please note this option is only available to CENTRAL LONDON locations, I do not answer phone-calls, so please only text. For anything further out please email me, I am super prompt and make it my business to respond to all enquiries ASAP.

Do you meet couples? - Yes of course the more the merrier, I engage in threesomes, foursomes, moresomes ;) check out my CARNAL INSIGHT page to get more of an idea of what I indulge in, please note it is not an extensive list, but a very delicious taster. 

Do you offer outcall appointments after 11pm? - Yes! of course I do, I've always been a little bit of a night owl, so you can definitely get a late night outcall booking with me, please note that I do charge a little extra  dependent on your location, to cover my cab fare. 

Tell me more about the experiences on offer - I offer an elite luxury GFE experience and I am also a professional submissive, whilst these two experiences may seem worlds apart, I happen to love and adore them individually, I discuss more about this on my LASCIVIOUS page feel free to peruse it to get a better understanding of me, and my lustful desire for both of these experiences, if you are still not sure, please do not hesitate to email me, I am more than happy to give you more information should you require it. 

I'd like to book  a submissive session, what is the best way to go about this? - I'd love that, the best practice would be to send me an email, whilst I do advertise a mobile number, I'd prefer to receive a detailed email initially. Your wants and needs are very unique and they mean the world to me, I want to ensure that I give the best experience possible, a detailed email is the best first step, I also have a page with a little more information on this feel free to PERUSE it. 

May I see a picture of your face? - Whilst I totally understand your curiosity, my  privacy is extremely important to me, I have a very full on career outside of this and I would prefer to keep my two worlds separate.

How do you maintain good sexual health? -  My health is of the utmost importance, I use condoms for all sexual activities, including oral, I go for sexual health screenings every fortnight, I would highly recommend you do the same if you are regularly meeting companions, as it gives good peace of mind.

May I use you as a reference? - Yes of course, I would be delighted to be your reference, please send me an email in advance so I know to expect the request, you can trust that I will reply promptly. 

I have never met an escort before, will this be a problem? - No not at all, I'm honored that you chose me as your first, email me at to discuss further.