Unbridled Bliss

Skylar Parkar

Submission: “the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force, or to the will or authority of another person.” 

It was an uncharacteristically grey day, for what has been an abnormally warm summer, I packed my kink bag affectionately with toys meant to conjure pleasure & pain, mutual duplicity. Ready for an afternoon of role play with a new paramour.

Admittedly I’ve taken most of this summer off to focus on projects outside of the demimonde, working tirelessly on a project that has caused many a sleepless nights. So this date was a much needed distraction from the editing & anxiety.

Nothing compares to the butterflies that dance in my stomach when I’m about to head to a Submissive booking, as a person who is used to always being in control, there’s nothing I crave more than being able to surrender.

We’d pre-planned most of our activity & agreed on safe words to ensure peace of mind for both parties. Feeling safe whilst yielding to another soul is ecstasy. Whilst the environment & the engagement was planned, the mood and feeling was pure magic.

I walked into the room knowing what would happen but not the order it would happen in. It was a chaotic heaven, I’m always amazed at how a couple of hours of submission leaves me feeling invigorated, some would think it would conjure up a feeling of depletion, but for me it does the total opposite.These are the moments I’m most grateful for.

I’m in my second year of being a professional submissive & I must say the lifestyle choice never gets old. The unbridled ecstasy that fills my soul when I’m at the mercy of someone I trust, is something I struggle to put into words, but it is… bliss.